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As one of the main scholastic and research establishments in Pakistan, the NIU offers an intellectually inspiring environment with humanistic customs for students and researchers to face and react to advancement challenges. With our rigorous academic programs at various levels we expect to engage our students to challenge traditional thinking in quest for inventive thoughts. Students learning at NIU will be given the chance to explore the world with a view to craft a better tomorrow.

At NIU students will get an opportunity to gain conventional and current knowledge and aptitudes, which will improve their future potential.

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To prepare leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow through a holistic education experience encompassing the best values and practices of both the eastern and western world.


To develop leaders in different professional fields critical to the development of society by focusing on knowledge and research for improving quality of life and living standards based on equity.

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Recent Events


(31-March-2020): The Management of Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore honored the doctors, nurses & paramedic staff of FMH to acknowledge their role as frontline warriors in country’s fight against Coronovirus Pandemic.

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Inter Class Poster & Model Competition

Date of Event: 11 February 2020

Venue of Event: Nur International University

Number of Persons Attending: 350

Event Summary

On 11th February 2020 Inter Class Poster & Model Competition was organized at NUR International University. The Primary aim of the event was to showcase functioning of the major body organs and systems with an emphasis on the application of this knowledge on the daily clinical routine. The theme was “Role of Anatomy & Physiology in the Allied Health Sciences”.

Prof Dr. Saboohi Saeed, Head of Physiology Department from Azra Naheed Medical & Dental College Superior University, Prof. Dr. Aliya Zahid Head of Anatomy Department from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Prof. Shaukat Sayal, Dr. G.P. William and Dr. Alvia Batool from Anatomy Department of FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry acted as the judges for the event.

  1. Atlanto-axial joint model, Knee Joint Model and Human Molar Model received the 1st, 2nd& 3rd positions respectively in Anatomy Poster & Model Competition.
  2. Heart Sounds Model, Sliding Filament Model and Lobes of Brain Model received the 1st, 2ndand 3rd positions respectively in Physiology Poster & Model Competition.

At the end of the event, closing remarks were given by the Vice Chancellor of NIU, Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman.

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Youth Ekath Festival 2020

Uplifting Youth Empowerment and projecting talent of youth all over Punjab!

NIU Winners and Prominent Performers :
1- Zainab Ilyas, BNS, 6th Semester, Winner of English Debate Competition
2- Hira Nadeem, DPT, 6th Semester, 2nd position in English Debate
3- Momina Batool, BSNS, 2nd Semester, selected for National Song Performance in Prize Distribution Ceremony
4- Asma Javaid, BSNS, 8th Semester, Runner Up, Badminton
5- Cooking Competition Participants :
Areej Hassan (BSNS 1st Semester)
Rabiya Saleem (BSNS 1st Semester)
Memoona Nadeem (BSNS 1st Semester)
Maryam Khalid (BSNS 1st Semester)
Asam Javaid  (BSNS 8th Semester)
Fatima Tariq  (BSNS 3rd Semester)
Maha Sheikh  (BSNS 3rd Semester)
Elishba Irshad (BSNS 3rd Semester)
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Manual Therapy Workshop on Mobilization with Movement.

In order to keep health practitioner more conversant with advance needs of Applied Sciences, DPT Department of NUR FMS decided to conduct workshops under the supervision of renowned Speakers alike Mulligan Concept Teacher Association. The Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association (MTCA) is a group of physical therapy (physiotherapy) teachers of manipulative/manual therapy who are accredited to teach the Mulligan concept and have become Certified Mulligan Practitioners (CMP). Currently, there are 47 accredited teachers internationally. These teachers are trained in manipulative/manual therapy up to a standard set by IFOMT (international federation of orthopedic manual therapy). Currently courses have been conducted in Africa Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.

In this regard NUR International University organized a joint project of training & workshop for the students in collaboration with Dr. Hussain Nasser, the Authorized Representative of Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association (MCTA). Dr. Hussain Nasser of MTCA (being in charge of this region) an honorable and renowned speaker conducted a workshop at Fatima Memorial Hospital on manipulative/manual therapy from 31 December 2019 to 3 January 2020 in a successful manner.

The event gathered 30 participants. The Training/Workshop program, with its focus on manipulative/manual therapy needs and the professionals of this subject triggered high interest in the workshop and participated from all over the country.

Observations and concrete recommendations from the working sessions of the workshop will pave the way for better understanding of the illness and its cure in befitting manner. The overall thrust of the training by the honorable teacher was admired by all the participants.

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