BS in Intensive Care Sciences (ICS) is a four-year degree program where students are equipped with theoretical and practical aspects of equipment that are required for intensive care units. The students will be trained in the electrocardiogram, echocardiography, computerized treadmill test etc. Additionally, students will learn about operation theatre technology and critical care technology.


The graduates in Intensive care sciences can work in multidiscipline such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, emergency centers and clinical laboratories etc.


There are thousands of job opportunities open for students, once they are done with this degree. They can serve in hospitals in ICUs, emergency rooms, biometric trauma centers, and other healthcare settings. They can also get opportunities in private and public hospitals. Other places to look for employment are government hospitals, military hospitals, railway hospitals, and so on.

Faculty: Applied Sciences

Department:Emergency And Intensive Care Sciences

Program Duration 4 Years
Program type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 122
Intake Fall/ Spring Semester
Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Subject Credit Hours Code Subject Credit Hours
GEC-111 Functional English 3(3-0) GEC-121 Writing and communication Skills 3(3-0)
GEC-113 Behavioral Sciences 3 (2-1) GEC-123 Sociology/Mass Comm. 3 (3-0)
GEC-114 Introduction to Mathematics 3(3-0) GEC-124 Introduction to CS 3 (3-0)
GEC-115 Creative Art 3(3-0) GEC-125 Philosophy 3(3-0)
ICT-111 Human Anatomy-I 3(3-0) ICT-121 Human Physiology-I 3(3-0)
 Semester 3 Semester 4
Code Subject Credit Hours Code Subject Credit Hours
GEC-211 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3(3-0) ICT-221 Human Anatomy-II 3 (2-1)
GEC-212 Pakistan Studies 2 (2-0) DIS-221 Human Physiology-II  3 (2-1)
GEC-213 Islamic Studies 2 (2-0) DIS-222 Basic pharmacology 3(2-1)
DIS-211 Entrepreneurship 3 (3-0) DIS-223 Basic Biochemistry-II 3(2-1))
DIS-212 Basic Biochemistry-I 3 (3-0) ICT-222 General Pathology 3 (3-0)

Summer – Supervised Clinical Internship 3 (0-3)

Semester 5 Semester 6
Code Subject Credit Hours Code Subject Credit Hours
ICT-311 Medical Physics 3 (2-1) ICT-321 Emergency Diagnostic Measures 3 (2-1)
ICT-312 Disaster Management 3 (2-1) ICT-322 Public Health and Epidemiology 3(2-1)
ICT-313 Clinical Microbiology 3 (2-1) ICT-323 Infection Control 3(2-1)
ICT-314 Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Care 3(2-1 ) DIS-321 Medical Equipment Handling 3(3-0)
DIS-311 Critical Care and Emergency Management 3(3-0) ICT-324 Cardiac Emergency and Intensive Care 3(2-1)

Summer – Supervised Clinical Internship 3 (0-3)

Semester 7  Semester 8
Code Subject Credit Hours Code Subject Credit Hours
ICT-411 Trauma Emergencies and Intensive Care-I 3 (2-1) ICT-421 Trauma Emergencies and Intensive Care-II 3 (2-1)
ICT-412 Medical and Surgical Emergencies and Intensive Care-I 3 (2-1) ICT-422 Medical and Surgical Emergencies and Intensive Care-II 3 (2-1)
ICT-413 Pediatrics Emergencies and Intensive Care 3 (2-1) ICT-423 Geriatric Emergencies and Intensive Care 3 (2-1)
DIS-411 Research Methodologies 3 (2-1) ICT-424 Ambulance Operations 3 (2-1)
ICT-414 Obstetrical Emergencies and Intensive Care 3 (2-1) ICT-425 Research Project 6 (0-6)

Intermediate (Pre-Medical) or equivalent recognized qualification with minimum 45% marks or CGPA 2.50/4.00.

Program Duration (years) Admission Fee Security Deposit Semester Tuition Fee (PKR)
BS Emergency and Intensive care Sciences 4 20,000 5,000 60,000

Other Charges Chart

Other Charges Amount (PKR)
Application Processing Fee (One time Charges) 1,500
Clubs & Societies Fund 1,500
Semester Enrollment Fund 2,000
Practical Learning Lab* 1,500
Semester Examination Fee 2,000
Admission Fee (One time Charges)
Security Deposit (One time charges – Refundable)

*Practical Learning Lab charges are not applicable in case of MS Nutrition & Dietetics, MPhil
Physiology , MBA (1.5 / 2 Years)


• The above Fee Structure does not include any govt. taxes and students will be charged taxes u/s 236 I of income tax ordinance. Students will be charged taxes when their annual fee would be more than PKR 200,000/-
• The fees and related charges are subject to revision at any time against non-proportionate inflation or an increase in the cost of the provision of services
• Additional Per Credit Hour Fee will be charged for Summer Semester or separate course offered during the normal tenure to meet the deficiency requirement
• To get the refund of security original receipt must be presented.