20 comfortable buses travel along 18 routes through the Lahore city. The administration department presides over the transport office and accommodates students and faculty members who want to avail a safe means of transport at nominal rates.

The University is committed to an academic advising system that guides students to discover and pursue life goals supports diverse and equitable educational experiences

Different food options are available on campus. Well-furnished cafeteria serving the students and faculty members. The cafeteria is air conditioned and provide a range of snacks and meal options which are available to students throughout the day. All prices are subsidized to ensure affordability and we strive to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

To provide the best computing facilities to our worthy participants from all schools with ultra-modern computing resources and the highest degree of privacy, security and professionalism.


To complement what is taught in the classrooms, NIU library offers a wide range of reading resources in print and electronic media. Books that Includes wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, indices, Islamic collection and other tools that supports research in all fields of study. Research database such as Springer, ProQuest, ASTM, EBRARY, INFORMS,Tylor and Francis Journals, Wolters kluwer ovid SP, Wiley-blackwell journals, HEC digital library and other similar resources have been made available for students and faculty members to assist in their research. The library is open during working hours at the university and provides a comfortable space where students can study individually or in groups.

The multidisciplinary labs for Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Speech therapy and Pathology are well equipped with latest instruments and apparatuses. These labs are designed to conduct not only the basic sciences practicals, but to equip the students with hands-on skills to cater the patients as a professional.

As an essential component of training Physical Therapists, DPT coursework includes practical training so that the students are adequately prepared with skills needed for hands-on treatment of patients. At NIU, practical skills labs are established to make our DPT professionals highly skilled and knowledgeable. Kinesiology, Therapeutics, Musculoskeletal and Neuro labs are well equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to fulfill this purpose.

To serve the NIU community and the people in vicinity, NIU mosque has been built which replicates the Badshahi Mosque.

Students could be directed for an affordable, hygienic and safe environment to make the students feel at home. The hostel facilities include central air conditioning, unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, a common room, a TV lounge, a prayer room and a generator supported power supply to ensure that the Students are comfortable during the time they reside within the university.

NUR International University is in collaboration with Fatima Memorial Hospital where students of applied science courses are provided supervised clinical rotations and internships, as a mandatory part of their curricula. The well-established physiotherapy department, Nutrition and Speech Therapy Clinics, Clinical Laboratories and other departments in these hospitals are providing best training services under supervision of highly qualified doctors and Allied health professionals in their respective fields.