Mrs. Shahima Rehman
Chairperson – Board of Governors, NIU

Chairperson’s Message

The overarching mission of NIU is to develop professional leaders to act as drivers of socioeconomic development of Pakistan. In this, regard the university generates and disseminates knowledge rigorous usable research to impact public policy. Additionally, it encourages the use of multiple pedagogical methods to provide students an enriching learning experience.

The NUR Centre for Research and policy in collaboration with ORIC set the agenda for research. Students are encouraged to work closely with the faculty and various sectoral stakeholders in executing evidence based research. The knowledge so generated helps impact public policy and is also used in class room teaching.

In the curricula, we aim to blend international best practices with local experience to facilitate our students to become productive citizens of the global economy. Efforts are made to develop close linkages with the industry to expose our students to development challenges in real life.

NIU encourages a multidisciplinary approach with a view to educate and equip our students with a broad horizon and perspective. We nurture creative and out of the box thinking for them to build a brighter future. In this way they are able to contribute to their own well being, to the well being of society and the economy.

NUR Community Outreach program provides our students an excellent opportunity for volunteer work with the idea to instill in them the concept of socially responsible citizenship.

It is a privilege to welcome our new cohort of students. Our academic programs are the first step in ensuring that you will Insha’ Allah become productive, empathic, passionate, caring individuals and future leaders.