Shahima T. Rehman
Chairperson – Board of Governors, NIU

Chairperson’s Message

Welcome to Nur International University (NIU). You will be a part of an innovative, multidimensional, community centered University that is eager to help you become a leader entrepreneur, and researcher. As you begin your new journey as an important member of the NUR-FMS family, you need to ask yourself a critical question, why NIU is the right University for you to invest your future?

Here are some of the reasons:

The Vision of NIU:

To develop leaders in different professional fields critical to the development of society by focusing on knowledge and research for improving quality of life and living standards based on equity.

The Mission of NIU:

To prepare leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow through a holistic education
experience encompassing the best values and practices of both the eastern and the
western civilizations.

HOW do we do it?

  1. By promoting critical thinking both amongst faculty and students, through cutting edge pedagogy and evidence based research.
  1. By blending international best practices with local traditions, that enable our students to think globally and act locally, wherever they are in the world.
  1. By developing close linkages with Industry & Service providers to give our students exposure to real life challenges.
  1. By leveraging our 70 years of experience in Academics, Service delivery and Integrated Community Development, as sponsors of the NUR -FMS.
  1. By offering a multidisciplinary approach to provide broad horizons and perspective.
  1. By offering Training experience at NUR Community Outreach areas through the Student Leadership Programme (NSLP). This programme is over 25 years old, and is already a National model of students success. it has the privilege of producing both local as well as global leaders!
  1. Our campus boasts a clean and peaceful environment, with state of the art facilities. It creates a place of belonging and the opportunity for a truly exceptional learning experience.
  1. With dynamic faculty and staff that provide individualized attention, international and local linkages with Academia and Industry, you will soon become proud alumni of NIU. Our focus is to Produce professionals who are career ready. We connect you to career paths and foster skills for professional growth and advancement.
  1. Above all, NIU embodies the rich culture and heritage of our beautiful Pakistan. You will find exceptional experiences that will allow you to explore, develop and grow to realize your full potential as Fard e Kamil, as envisioned by Allama Iqbal, and Insha Allah achieve the status of vicegerency

Our website contains many resources for you to learn more about the opportunities and experience offered at NIU.

I welcome our enterprising new cohort to the fold, as the first step in ensuring that Insha’Allah you will imbibe empathy, productivity, traditional values and the passion to lead the world to becoming a better place for all who live in it.


Shahima T. Rehman