“As a NUR International University student, there is no shortage of opportunities to be a leader.  Students can create their own club, students can be elected to club officer level positions, students can apply to be Orientation Leaders, or a multitude of other opportunities. The Student Life staff also works with students to help build leadership skills.  Additionally, the Student Life staff work one-on-one to help support and foster student leadership through NUR Student Leadership Programme.”

NIU provides various learning opportunities to the students that not only focus on their educational activities, but also discover their covert abilities. These activities are organized by various student clubs and are held under the supervision of faculty members. These platforms provide opportunities to students to become well-formed professionals.

Character Building Society has been established on the working principle of incorporating a sense of caring and serving other people with honesty, love, responsibility, among students. This serves as a lifetime guide for them and helps to prepare the students to face the many opportunities and unknown dangers that are in today’s society.

NIU believe that Youth’s involvement at all level of decision making is very important to achieve desired goals. For the intellectual development of the students, NIU provides a platform to boost public speaking skills so the students can take part in HEC, interuniversity and national debating competitions.

Media society helps in covering all the events happened in University or outside. All the social media is handled under this team. Media Society is a comprehensive, compelling and critical working of the digital media and communication technologies for university promotion and its students to enhance their extra-curricular skills.

The main agenda of sports club organizes various sports events i.e. cricket, badminton, basketball, soccer and table tennis tournaments. Students just not take part in the sports activities at campus but also take part in inter university tournaments.

The basic aim of this club is to motivate the students who lack confidence. Drama competitions, skits, short plays and mime are the major activities of dramatic club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts and other events at NIU. It a best platform to improve Students speaking skills.

The main objective of the Music & Arts Society is to expose and nurture talent of the student’s representation of the university nationwide, providing a platform for painting competition, musical experiments etc. Music society holds regular sessions.