Applied Psychology department at NUR International University (NIU) aims to provide students with an experience of undergraduate Psychology at par with degree programs worldwide. Our program provides students with strong grounding in the theory, research and practice of Applied Psychology. Our training prepares graduates to be leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Moreover, we train them to become critical thinkers, self-directed and lifelong learners and effective communicators.

The Department started in 2017 and it has been able to get a fair number of students. The Department is currently offering different BS programs. Our first batch of students will graduate in Fall 2021. Our aim is to develop compassionate, ethical and knowledgeable psychologists who can provide evidence-based services for children, adults, and families in a variety of healthcare and educational settings. The skills taught through our programs can also be applied in other fields such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Psychology. The Department has recently established a Counselling Section for students and faculty. We aim to focus on the mental health of our students and colleagues.

Degree Programs