Dr. Sajida Munir, Assistant Professor

M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Dr. Sajida Munir completed her Ph.D in the field of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently she is working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of MLT, NIU, Lahore. Previously she has worked for two years with the University of Lahore as an Assistant professor. Her core expertise is in the field of Microbiology and her area of research is biopolymers production from wastewater. In this field she has deep knowledge of bacteria isolation, culturing and identification. She has also worked in microbiology as a visiting scholar at the University of Queensland, Australia for a period of nine months. She is serving as an editor for journal of microbiology as well as reviewer for other science domain journals.

Title Publication Author Year
Polyhydroxyalkanaotes (PHA) Production in Bacterial Co-Culture Using Glucose and Volatile Fatty Acids as Carbon Source Journal of Basic Microbiology. 58(3):247-254 Sajida Munir and Nazia Jamil 2018
Variation Analysis of Bacterial Polyhydroxyalkanoates Production Using Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. 48(4):629-636 Sajida Munir and Nazia Jamil 2017
Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Produced from Contaminated Soil Bacteria using Wastewater and Glucose as Carbon Sources. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 14(9):1605-1611 Sajida Munir and Nazia Jamil 2015
Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Production using Paper Mill Wastewater as Carbon Source in Comparison with Glucose. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology. Vol. 9(Spl. Edn. 1) 453-460. Sajida Munir, Shagufta Iqbal and Nazia Jamil 2015

Course Title Semester Course Code Degree Level
Clinical Microbiology I 5 MLT – 341 BS
Clinical Microbiology II 6 MLT – 342 BS
Immunology 5 MLT – 345 BS
Supervised Clinical Practice III 5 MLT – 363 BS
Supervised Clinical Practice IV 6 MLT – 364 BS