The Postgraduate Program in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at NUR International University crosses borders and disciplines. It encompasses understanding of supportive nutritional treatments for modern day ailments while developing skills in preventive management. The program represents confluence of new and emerging trends in healthcare at several levels and takes into account recent discoveries in human biochemistry and nutritional medicine. The program encourages students to think critically, communicate effectively and analyze scientific research in the field of food and nutrition.

Why study “MS Nutrition and Dietetics ‘’ at NIU?

Department of Clinical Nutrition is a leading and well-established department at NUR International University providing practice skills in Medical Nutrition Therapy for Indoor and Outdoor patients in Paeds, Medical, Surgical, Gynae, Intensive Care and Critical Care Units at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore under the supervision of Consultant Clinical Nutritionists throughout 2-years degree program to have hands on practice and graduate as experts in their field.


The students after completing the degree will be able to practice in Government and Private Sectors as:

  1. Consultant Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian
  2. Community Nutritionist/Public Health Nutritionist
  3. Nutrition Educationist and Researcher
  4. Nutrition Program Managers
Faculty Applied Sciences
Department Clinical Nutrition
Study Level Postgraduate
Program Duration 2 Years
Program Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 30
Intake Fall/ Spring Semester

List of Approved Courses for MS Food, Nutrition And Dietetics

Code Subject Credit Hours Code Subject Credit Hours
FND-701 Therapeutic Role of Macro and Micro-nutrients 3 (2-1) FND-714 Life Cycle Nutrition 3(3-0)
FND-702 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 3 (2-1) FND-715 Food Safety and Quality Management 3(3-0)
FND-703 Functional Foods, Ageing & Degenerative Diseases 3(3-0) FND-716 Food Chemistry 3(3-0)
FND-704 Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics 3(3-0) FND-717 Food & Nutrition Services Practice 3 (2-1)
FND-705 Advanced Human Nutrition & Metabolism 3(3-0) FND-718 Nutritional Immunology 3(3-0)
FND-706 Applied Community Nutrition 3(3-0) FND-719 Special Problem 1(1-0)
FND-707 Research Methods 3(3-0) FND-720 Seminar 1(1-0)
FND-708 Recent Advances in Human Nutrition 3(3-0) FND-721 Nutritional Epidemiology 3(3-0)
FND-709 Clinical Aspects and Nutritional Influences on Biochemistry 3(3-0) FND-722 Global Food Issue 3(3-0)
FND-710 Food Laws and Regulations 3(3-0) FND-723 Community Nutrition 3(2-1)
FND-711 Food Toxins & Allergens 3(3-0) FND-724 Nutrition Education & Awareness 3(2-1)
FND-712 Sports & Exercise Nutrition 3 (2-1) FND-725 Research/Thesis 6 (0-6)
FND-713 Nutritional Practice, Communication & Counselling Skills 3(0-3)


  • Major Courses will be compulsory in specific semester.
  • Minor/ Elective courses will be as per course work requirement of each student and will not be more than 1/3 of the total credit hours (as per HEC criteria).
  • Biochemistry and Physiology will be offered as Minor courses.
  • Biostatistics as Deficiency course will be offered as per requirement of the course work.

Candidate having background in:

  •    16 years of formal education with at least 2.5 CGPA in following programs
  •    BS/B.Sc. Hons. Nutritional Sciences
  •    BS/B.Sc. Hons. Home Economics (Major: Food & Nutrition)
  •    BS / B.Sc. Hons. Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  •    BS / B.Sc. Hons. Food Science & Technology
  •    MBBS
  •    Pass Subject Test organized by Department of Clinical Nutrition and Interview by Admission Committee
  •    No 3rd division in entire academic career

Candidate must pass any one of following:

  • Interview by Admission committee
  • Major Subject Test by Clinical Nutrition Department


  • Result awaiting students can apply but submission of complete official transcript at the time of interview will be mandatory.
  • CGPA in the last degree will be counted as past academic achievements.
  • Candidates who fail in the Departmental Test will be ineligible to appear for the interview.
Program Duration (years) Admission Fee Security Deposit Semester Tuition Fee (PKR)
MS Nutrition & Dietetics 2 20,000 5,000 127,500

Other Charges Chart

Other Charges Amount (PKR)
Application Processing Fee (One time Charges) 1,500
Clubs & Societies Fund 1,500
Semester Enrollment Fund 2,000
Practical Learning Lab* 1,500
Semester Examination Fee 2,000
Admission Fee (One time Charges)
Security Deposit (One time charges – Refundable)

*Practical Learning Lab charges are not applicable in case of MS Nutrition & Dietetics, MPhil
Physiology, MS Economics, MBA (1.5 / 2 Years)


• The above Fee Structure does not include any govt. taxes and students will be charged taxes u/s 236 I of income tax ordinance. Students will be charged taxes when their annual fee would be more than PKR 200,000/-
• The fees and related charges are subject to revision at any time against non-proportionate inflation or an increase in the cost of the provision of services
• Additional Per Credit Hour Fee will be charged for Summer Semester or separate course offered during the normal tenure to meet the deficiency requirement
• To get the refund of security original receipt must be presented.