About the Course

This course is designed to fulfil the requirements of a beginners as well as Professional Graphics Designers who wish to enhance their skills of Graphics and Animations in order to be able to design more attractive and appealing designs.

It opens up opportunities for students who are seeking career in the field of Graphic Design. It introduces creative, functional and aesthetic role of Graphic Design in print industry. By understanding the basics of design principles, students will develop their ability to communicate messages through meaningful visuals. Typography is the most important component of Graphic Design and students will study the history of type, type anatomy and typographic terms, while examining design compositions, type styles and the use of font in print design.


Course Content

  • Design Elements
  • Design Principles
  • Word & Image
  • Typography
  • Design Production
  • Photo Editing
  • Background Manipulation
  • Poster Designing
  • Creating GIF
  • Website Template Design (UI Designs)
  • Logo Designing


Intended Learning

  • Students will be able to develop an understanding of the objectivity of Graphic Design
  • Understanding the relationship between word and image
  • Ability to deal with challenging needs of Print Design
  • Ability to create practical design solutions
  • Ability to generate effective typographic design solutions to meet specific criteria
  • Understanding the differences between letterforms to choose suitable typefaces for a variety of graphic design solutions
  • Understanding of advertising design
  • Ability to create brands and brand identities

About the Instructor

Fatima Anis is a proactive Graphics Designer and Product & Industrial Designer from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. Fatima has been teaching Graphic design short courses at UET Lahore for two Years and currently working as a graphics Designer at NUR International University with extensive experience in designing info-graphics for various causes, technical chapters of international societies and educational startups. She worked as Executive Prepress Designer at Packages Limited. At her university, Fatima was the Chief Designer of Xnews UET 2017 (news portal) and Chief of Technical Events at ASME 2015 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) UET. She was also among the UET Startup Leaders at Technical Incubation Centre of Al Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science.


Who should attend?

Whether you are a student from any field, or a dabbler who loves graphic designing. We are offering Graphics design (photoshop) from Basics to advance level.

  • Conventional designers who want to go digital
  • Anyone interested in a proper certification in Graphic Designing courses in Lahore.
  • Advertisers who want to make use of graphics designing to better promote products and services


Program Schedule

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Classes Per Week: Thrice a week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Timings: 12:00 am to 02:00 pm
Starting and Ending Dates: 15th july to 7 August, 2019


Registration Deadline: 12th July, 2019
Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-
Course Fee: Rs. 2500/-


For Registration Kindly Contact

Fatima Anis 03354210101



Lesson 1

Introduction to Graphic Design

  • History of Graphic Design
  • Evolution of Graphic Design
  • Scope of Graphic Design
  • Famous Designers around the globe


Lesson 2

Introduction to Design, Creative Thinking & Colour

  • Understanding Colour
  • Colour Wheel
  • Types of Colour
  • Warm & Cool Colour
  • 5 Colour Psychology
  • Introduction to Design elements
  • Introduction to design principles
  • Differences between vector-based graphics and pixel-based graphics
  • Photoshop walk through


Lesson 3

Working with Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop Cc
  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Creating a New Document
  • Opening and Closing a Document
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Understanding Tool Bar
  • Cropping images
  • Working with Canvas Size
  • Transforming Objects
  • Copy Paste
  • Image Modes


Lesson 4

Introduction to Typography

  • Introduction to Typographic Terms
  • Text Tools In Photoshop
  • Stroking text in Photoshop
  • How to outline text
  • Font Selection
  • Creating a Font Logo


Lesson 5

Working with Photoshop Layers

  • Layer Blending options
  • How to make a new layer
  • Add Layer Mask
  • How to make Groups
  • Layer Modes


Lesson 6

Working with Text in Photoshop

  • Layer Blending options on text
  • Text Layer Masking in Photoshop
  • Text Wrap options, Circular, Shape and with image
  • Understanding text arrangement in paragraph
  • Basic Layout Understanding
  • Book Cover Assignment


Lesson 7

Working with Adobe Photoshop (Exploring Tool Bar)

  • Selection Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Paint Bucket Tool
  • Burn Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Shape Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)


Lesson 8

Image Editing in Photoshop

  • Black and white treatment of image
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Image halftone
  • Adding Filters to image
  • Adding Colours to Image
  • Adding posturised effects to images


Lesson 9

  • What is Poster Design
  • Create a Poster design (Product) and its adaptation
  • Creating Website/Facebook Posts/Web Ads



Lesson 10

  • Creating Slice portrait in Photoshop
  • 3d effect on Photoshop
  • Image Manipulation
  • Creating Mockups
  • Creating Giffs




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