1. Program Introduction:Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry will be a two years program; after the completion of MBBS/BS Biochemistry, M.Sc. Biochemistry (sixteen years of education) and other relevant degree programs. This program will enhance the knowledge and skills of students in the field of Biochemistry.Students may opt for PhD after completion of MPhil program. It is expected that the program will be in great demand. It will enhance knowledge of the students which will provide them an edge for competing for job in the market. The MPhil Biochemistry Program consists of two semesters of coursework (28 credit hours). In the second year, students will focus on the research thesis (12 credit hours) under the supervision of PhD faculty members.Objectives of the programThe program is designed to cater the growing demand for graduate and post graduate scholars in the field of Biochemistry. The program objectives are:
    • Provision of quality education
    • Develop creative and analytical thinking
    • Train graduates as per market demand
    • Ensure sound training for advanced research


    Scope of the program


    A major focus of MPhil program will be to provide training and advanced knowledge in the subject of Biochemistry. The program will be unique regarding maintaining high quality education offered in the selected areas, in which there is a significant demand in the market. MPhil degree is now an entry-level requirement for teaching in most of the medical colleges and universities in Pakistan. MPhil graduates are also in demand for colleges having master level programs.

    Our program will provide trained faculty for medical colleges and universities to produce highly educated, well trained workforce for public sector, universities and industries. Similarly, our program will provide trained researchers for private and public sector research institutions.


    Career Opportunities:

    The graduates holding MPhil Biochemistry degree will be able to serve in the public and private sector universities and medical colleges as teachers. Moreover the MPhil Biochemistry graduates can work in various Research Institutes, Food and Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical and Drug Development Companies, Clinical and Forensic Laboratories.

Faculty Basic Sciences
Study Level Postgraduate
Program Duration 2 Years
Program Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 32
Intake Fall Semester
Semester 1 Semester 2
Course Credit Hours Course Credit Hours
Advanced Biochemistry 3 Instrumentation in Molecular Biology and Genetics 3
Recent advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics 3 Application of Biostatistics in Biological Sciences 3
Advances in Cell and General Physiology 3 Elective II 3
Elective I 3 Elective III 3
Total 12 Total 12
Semester 3 Semester 4
Course Credit Hours Course Credit Hours
Special Problem 1 Thesis 6
Seminar on Thesis Topic 1  
Total 2 Total 6
Grand Total                                                                                                                                              32

Admission Criteria:

  • Sixteen years of education with major in Biochemistry, BS 4 Year degree (MLT, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Human Nutrition, Biotechnology or equivalent). Must have first division at master level with CGPA = 2.0/4.0 or 50 % marks in annual examination system from HEC recognized institutions.


  • Second Division in MBBS, BDS, Pharm D
  • Written test, i. e. GAT/GRE/ Department Test
  • Interview
Program Duration (years) Admission Fee Security Deposit Semester Tuition Fee (PKR)
MPhil BIOCHEMISTRY 2 20,000 5,000 75,000

Other Charges Chart

Other Charges Amount (PKR)
Application Processing Fee (One time Charges) 1,500
Clubs & Societies Fund 1,500
Semester Enrollment Fund 2,000
Practical Learning Lab* 1,500
Semester Examination Fee 2,000
Admission Fee (One time Charges)
Security Deposit (One time charges – Refundable)

*Practical Learning Lab charges are not applicable in case of MS Nutrition & Dietetics, MPhil
Physiology, MS Economics, MBA (1.5 / 2 Years)


• The above Fee Structure does not include any govt. taxes and students will be charged taxes u/s 236 I of income tax ordinance. Students will be charged taxes when their annual fee would be more than PKR 200,000/-
• The fees and related charges are subject to revision at any time against non-proportionate inflation or an increase in the cost of the provision of services
• Additional Per Credit Hour Fee will be charged for Summer Semester or separate course offered during the normal tenure to meet the deficiency requirement
• To get the refund of security original receipt must be presented.