The MS Clinical Psychology Program at NIU is a 2-year weekend program comprising of 4 semesters. The purpose of this program is to provide intensive professional training in clinical skills that include assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and research. The major focus of this program is to develop trained clinical psychologists in line with national as well as international standards so that they can meet the demands of the continuously growing and changing Health Sector. After the successful completion of MS program, students will be eligible to apply for PhD as well as work as Clinical Psychologists in both government and private sector hospitals, organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, special education institutes, counseling and rehabilitation centers. They will be equipped to provide consultation to agencies and communities, provide trainings and carry out research-based practice.

Regular Faculty:

Name Designation Institute
Dr. Najma Najam PVC NIU
Dr. Naumana Amjad Dean and HOD NIU
Ms. Samreen Masud Lecturer NIU
Mr. Ali Imran Lecture NIU


Visiting Faculty:

Name Designation Institute
Prof. Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Rana Health & Music Psychologist Principal & Professor (R) M. A. O. College, Lahore
Ms. Farah Tiwana Clinical Psychologist FMH
Dr. Aazeen Khan Psychiatrist Mayo Hospital
Dr. Usman Hotiana Psychiatrist Rashid Latif Medical and Dental College
Dr. Imran Ijaz Psychiatrist FMH
Ms. Alina Rashid Psychologist Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital
Ms. Saiba Ahmed Clinical Psychologist University of Home Economics
Ms. Daheen Din Marriage and Family Therapist Independent Consultant
Ms. Maryam Suheyl Marriage and Family Therapist Independent Consultant
Mr. Khubaib Kiyani Psychologist Independent Consultant

 International Visiting Faculty:

Dr. Hamada Hamid Al-Talib Associate Professor Yale School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Faisal Mehmood Head of Counseling and Psychotherapy Newman University, Birmingham, UK
Dr. Tayyab Rashid President: Clinical Division of IPPA University of Toronto, Canada
Semester 1
Code Subject Credit Hours
APSY 501 Clinical Psychology practice in Pakistan: Professional Ethical and cultural perspectives 2
APSY 502 Psychopathology throughout life span 2
APSY 503 Neuro Psychology 2
APSY 504 Clinical Assessment 2+1
APSY 505  Therapeutic Interventions  3
Semester 2
Code Subject Credit Hours
APSY 506 Psychopharmacology 2
APSY 507 Psychological Emergency Management 2
APSY 508 Specialized counseling training: Marital and family therapy, Gestalt Therapy**, Client-Centered Therapy 3
APSY 509 Neuro-psych Assessment / Family Therapy 2
APSY 510  *Elective 2

Year 2

Semester 3
Code Subject Credit Hours
APSY 601 Research methods in Clinical Research and Analyses 3
APSY 602 Research proposal  2
APSY 603 Clinical training I: Child placement and report writing 3
APSY 604 *Elective  2
Semester 4
Code Subject Credit Hours
APSY 605 Clinical training II: Adult placement and report writing  3
APSY 606 Thesis 6
APSY 607 ***Indigenous and Islamic counseling approaches writing 2

Total Credit Hours = 43

*Elective Courses: Students will opt at least any two of the following during their academic session:

Educational and school counseling

Clinical psychology in health settings

Positive Psychotherapy

Rehabilitation for substance abuse (training and placement course at Roshan Raasta Rehab)

Career Counseling

Entrepreneurship in Psychology

** Modular course/ workshop by Dr Faisal Mahmood (Newman University, Birmingham)

*** series of talks by world experts

04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60% marks in Masters after 02 years BA/ B.Sc.

Program Duration (years) Admission Fee Semester Tuition Fee (PKR)
MS Clinical Psychology 2  26,500 120,000