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A visit to PREMA Factory was organized for MS Nutrition Students and Faculty of NUR International University. Purpose of the visit was to provide the students with information on how the milk is produced and the fact that this milk is free of all kinds of additives and artificial growth hormones and completely traceable from grass to glass. Mr. Faiz, GM Prema showed the students around and explained the procedure. PREMA has approximately 2,100 Australian & Dutch cows at its state of the art facility. He added that Prema milk is pure and unadulterated Australian & Dutch cow’s milk. Produced exclusively at their modern farms. Prema Milk is processed in state of the art dairy facilities and packed in hygienic, high quality and convenient gable top cartons. At every stage, from milking to packing, meticulous care is taken to ensure the milk reached you in the purest form.

The trip provided the students and faculty the in-depth process on how the milk is produced. Mr. Joshi, Plant Manager who has been with Prema since its inception explained the benefits of this milk by adding that Prema milk is 100% pure cow’s milk. Nothing added, nothing taken away, Guaranteed. Therefore, you will get all the nutrition and health benefits of premium fresh milk. One delicious glass of Prema milk gives you the recommended daily amounts of Calcium, Vitamin D & Riboflavin, B12 & Phosphorus, Vitamin A and Potassium & Niacin. The NIU team was given various products from milk to yogurt as well as the newly launched flavored yogurts and chocolate milk to try.