SARSP Scholarship Awards 2024

A Dream Come True: Wakf Ur Rashid Trust awards Scholarships to Students at University of Peshawar and Khyber Medical College

Sardar Abdul Rashid Khan, a compassionate young man, joined the Indian Police Service in Pre-Partition India, rising to a senior officer by 1947. In 1953, he served as the 8th Chief Minister of the Frontier Province. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in founding Khyber Medical College at Peshawar University. Married to Begum Masuda Rashid, who established the Wakf Ur Rashid Trust, they aimed to support students financially at Peshawar University and Khyber Medical College. The scholarship honors their legacy.

On June 26, 2024, the inaugural Wakf ur Rashid Trust Scholarship Awards 2024 were hosted at the University of Peshawar, heralding excellent news for students from the University of Peshawar and Khyber Medical College.

The event was attended by dignitaries and officials from various sectors, including representatives from academia, government, and philanthropic organizations. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, Vice Chancellor of the University of Peshawar; Shahima Tariq Rehman, Trustee Waqf Ur Rashid Trust; Maha Rehman, Member of Trust; Tariq Rehman, Member of Trust; Dr. Amjad Amin, Treasurer of the University of Peshawar; Tariq Khan Hashim, Professor of Neurosurgery at Northwest School of Medicine and Chairman/CEO of Alliance Healthcare; Mahmud Aurangzeb, Dean of Khyber Medical College and Professor of Surgery; Dr. Parvez Kamal Khan Sherpao, Retired Director General of Health, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; Dr. Tahira Nishtar, Professor and Chair of the Radiology Department at Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar; Dr. Yasir Shahzad, Deputy Registrar Admissions; Muhammad Saleem Jan, Retired Banker; Haroon Zafar, Senior Vice President KP Olympics Association; and Professor Dr. Bushra Khan, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Director of Planning & Development at the University of Peshawar, were among the distinguished attendees at the event.

The legacy lives on through Shahima Tariq Rehman, daughter of Sardar Abdul Rashid Khan and Begum Masuda Rashid. She is devotedly continuing her parents’ mission, contributing to the welfare of her society out of deep love for their work and their province.

The journey began in their house on Grand Trunk Road, Peshawar, which served as the first building for their university. The shops owned by the family also play a significant role in this legacy. The rental income from these shops is dedicated to the trust fund, supporting scholarships based on merit and providing interest-free loans to students.


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