Developing the human resource to contribute positively towards society is what NIU aims at. Merit- based scholarships are granted to those bright students who are best able to achieve that aim. These scholarships are awarded according to the performance of applicants in Intermediate level and later on the basis of CGPA of the preceding semester.

Merit Scholarships shall be offered to the students with following criteria for 1st  Semester:


a) Scholarship on the basis of Intermediate – for Undergraduate Programs

Top Ten Position holders in BISE Examination 75% tuition-fee waiver
80% and above marks in BISE Examination 30% tuition-fee waiver
75%-79.99% marks in BISE Examination 20% tuition fee waiver
70%-74.99% marks in BISE Examination 10% tuition fee waiver


b) Scholarship on the basis of A-levels – for Undergraduate Programs


Three A’s in A-Level                                                            75% tuition fee waiver

Two A’s & One B’s in A-Level                                           30% tuition fee waiver

One A’s & Two B’s in A-Level                                           20% tuition fee waiver

Three B’s in A-Level                                                            10% tuition fee waiver


Merit Scholarships shall be offered to the Undergraduate students against following CGPA based criteria for the succeeding semesters:


CGPA 3.81 to CGPA 4.00                                                                  30%

CGPA 3.61 to CGPA 3.80                                                                  25%

CGPA 3.41 to CGPA 3.60                                                                  20%

CGPA 3.21 to CGPA 3.40                                                                  15%

CGPA 3.00 to CGPA 3.20                                                                  10%


c) Scholarship on the basis of CGPA’s – for Graduate Programs


CGPA 3.96 to 4.00                                                               75% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.81 to 3.95                                                               30% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.66 to 3.80                                                               20% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.50 to 3.65                                                               10% tuition fee waiver


Merit Scholarships shall be offered to the Post-graduate students against following CGPA based criteria for the following semesters:


CGPA 3.96 to CGPA 4.00                                                    75% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.81 to CGPA 3.95                                                    30% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.66 to CGPA 3.80                                                    20% tuition fee waiver

CGPA 3.50 to CGPA 3.65                                                    10% tuition fee waiver


The Thesis/Dissertation fee shall be charged in full from all MS students.

A limited number of Need Based Scholarships are available to students who demonstrated need, to  be  supported  by  a  completed  Financial  Assistance  Form  (available  from  the  Student  Affairs Department) along with supporting documents i.e. home utility bills, rent agreement, salary slips etc.

Criteria for award of Need Based Scholarship Forms:

Gross Income Less than Rs. 30,000/month
Per – Capita Income Less than Rs. 6,000/month
Utilities Less than Rs. 3,000/month
House On rent with monthly rental not exceeding Rs. 15,000
Family Details Differs on case to case basis
Asset Details No owned asset

The above criteria shall be used to evaluate the deserving candidates. However, Scholarship Committee may  decide  the  deserving  candidates  on  case  to  case  basis.  Scholarship  Committee  will  assess  the deserving candidates for the scholarship on its own upon assessment of the student financial condition, interview  with  the  student/guardians  or  through  home  verification  by  member  of  Student  Affairs Department.


Need Based Scholarships up-to 30% may be awarded with the approval of the Vice Chancellor only.

The scholarship will be terminated in the following conditions:


If the student fails to maintain CGPA 3.00 in a semester;

If the student fails to maintain minimum attendance in Class as required in Student Hand


If student is punished because of his / her involvement in violation of the institute’s rules, damage to institute’s property, misbehavior with staff or students, or any other disciplinary violation;

Scholarship  will  cover  the  percentage  of  the  remaining  tuition  fee  only  after  special discounts if any;

Students shall be required to work for specified number of hours in any of the entities of the Fatima Memorial System during their off-time/holidays/vacations; and

If a student does not qualify for scholarship for a semester due to CGPA lower than the required  CGPA,  she/he  may  again  apply  for  need  based  scholarship  after  attaining  the required CGPA. However, no refunds/adjustments shall be made for the full fee paid in the previous semesters.

Disability scholarships shall be awarded to the students as per the HEC Policies. Scholarship Committee will assess the percentage of Disability Scholarship which shall not be subject to maintenance of any CGPA requirement during the whole program tenure.