NIU Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded initially according to the performance of applicants in Intermediate level, and later on the basis of CGPA in the preceding semesters.

Merit based Scholarships will be offered to the students with the following criteria:

For Undergraduate Programs

  • Scholarship on the basis of BISE Examinations (Fresh Intake)
         95% and above  marks 80%
         90% to 94.99% marks 70%
         85% to 89.99% marks 60%
        80% to 84.99% marks 50%
        75% to 79.99% marks 40%
         70% to 74.99% marks 30%
        65% to 69.99% marks 20%
        60% to 64.99% marks 10%
  • Scholarship on the basis of A-levels (Fresh Intake)
         Three A’s 60% tuition fee waiver
         Two A’s & One B’s 50% tuition fee waiver
         One A’s & Two B’s 40% tuition fee waiver
         Three B’s 30% tuition fee waiver
         Two B’s & One C 20% tuition fee waiver
         One B & Two C’s 10% tuition fee waiver

Note: Merit based Scholarships will not be awarded to the students of DPT & BSNS in the first semester. However, these students are eligible for merit scholarships on the following Criteria.

  • Scholarship on the basis of CGPAs (For Subsequent Semesters)
        CGPA 3.81 to CGPA 4.00 50%
        CGPA 3.61 to CGPA 3.80 40%
        CGPA 3.41 to CGPA 3.60 30%
        CGPA 3.21 to CGPA 3.40 20%
        CGPA 3.00 to CGPA 3.20 10%
  • For Post Graduate Programs

Merit Scholarships shall be offered to the Post-graduate students against the following CGPA based criteria for all the semesters:

         CGPA 3.90 to 4.00 40% tuition fee waiver
         CGPA 3.70 to 3.89 30% tuition fee waiver
         CGPA 3.50 to 3.69 20% tuition fee waiver
        CPGA 3.25 to 3.49 10% tuition fee waiver

The Research Thesis/Dissertation fee shall be charged in full from all MS/MPhil. students. (Scholarship shall be awarded for theoretical subjects only).

Emerging Programs Scholarship (For Undergraduate Programs)

Up to 20% scholarship in tuition fee may be granted to all the students of emerging programs as approved by the University’s Competent Authority. Students are required to maintain a CGPA of 3.00 to secure this scholarship.

Need-Based Scholarships

A limited number of Need-Based Scholarships are available for Undergraduate Programs. The students will need to complete a Financial Assistance Form (available from the Student Affairs Department) along with supporting documents i.e. home utility bills, rent agreement, salary slips etc.

Financial Assistance Committee, on case to case basis, will decide the deserving candidates after assessing students’ financial condition, interview with the student/guardians or through home verification.

Need-Based Scholarships will cover up to 30% of tuition fees excluding any other scholarships unless the Financial Assistance Committee and Vice-chancellor approve it.

Special Person (Disabled) Scholarship

All certified special persons (Disabled) enrolled in Undergraduate programs of the University will be awarded up-to 50% concession in tuition fee. Financial Assistance Committee assesses the disability, and approves the percentage of Special Person (Disabled) Scholarship.

Kinship Scholarship

Kinship Scholarship covers 20% of the tuition fee; it is only awarded to the kin of the Alumni (only real brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, husband and wife). This scholarship is eligible for the whole undergraduate program. Such students are not eligible to avail any other Financial Assistance during the program.

Alumni Scholarship for MS/MPhil. Programs

Alumni will be give 50% concession in the admission fee. Moreover, they are also entitled to merit-based scholarships for post graduate programs as mentioned above.


Policy Principles & Rules Governing Scholarships
NIU is committed to provide an open, fair and transparent process based on the following vigorous and justified policies and procedures:

  • Only full time students enrolled in Undergraduate & Post graduate programs of the University will be eligible for all kinds of scholarships as per university’s criteria.
  • A participant can only avail one type of scholarship or financial assistance. However, need-based cases are recommended by the Financial Assistance Committee to the competent authority for final approval.
  • Members of the Financial Assistance Committee can disclose their conflict of interest, if any, with the applicant before evaluation.
  • Scholarships are awarded as per the approved Financial Budget provided by the Finance Department.
  • Candidates are not eligible to avail any scholarships during summer semester.
  • It is mandatory for scholarship holders to finish their enrolled program in the PRESCRIBED DURATION of the program. No extension of award will be provided beyond the standard duration of the course/degree.
  • If a participant getting scholarship or financial assistance repeats a course, no scholarship will be awarded for that particular course.
  • The University reserves the right to review or cancel awards due to changes in financial standing, country situation, academic or program status. Any change in policy will be applicable to all the students enrolled in the University with retrospective as well as prospective effect.