University Statutory Bodies

University governance focuses mainly on bringing effectiveness, transparency and accountability in diverse academic, research and administrative spheres. The NIU governs its internal and external administrative, academic and research business through following statutory bodies.

  1. The Board of Governors (BOG)
  2. The Academic Council
  3. The Board of Advanced Study and Research (BASR)
  4. The Finance and Planning Committee (F&PC)
  5. The Selection Board
  6. The Board of Faculties (BoF)
  7. The Board of Studies (BoS)

The meetings of statutory bodies of the university are conducting regularly.

Principal Offices

The Vice Chancellor’s Office is functioning in the NUR International University to extend multiple services to the public, students, faculty members and employees of the University. As it is under the direct supervision of the Vice Chancellor, it has to decide policy matters of the University and monitor the implementation of the same. It also manages correspondence with Higher Education Commission, Government of the Punjab and other Public and Private Universities/Institutions to improve University’s working relationship.

Among the many responsibilities of the position, the Vice Chancellor

  • oversees academic planning, academic program review, and curriculum development
  • supervises the deans of the faculties, evaluating and approving their recommendations for faculty hiring, promotion, and tenure
  • supervises budget preparation for the academic and academic-related programs, allocating and reallocating funds and resources to and from these programs.
  • provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies

The Registrar is a whole time officer and the custodian of the common seal and the academic records of the University. Registrar maintains a register of registered graduates at University and is the secretary to the Board of Governors, the Academic Council, the Selection Board, and the Board of Advanced Studies & Research. Also performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor.

The Registrar Office is responsive and supports to the incoming students, faculties, administrative staff and the public in general. A vast array of services provided at this Office include:

  1. Registration of the students;
  2. Degree verification/attestation;
  3. Monitoring internal and external affairs of the University
  4. Recruitment, employment and development of employees
  5. Policymaking, record keeping and management of day to day affairs;
  6. Award of scholarships and provision of financial support to needy students;
  7. Governance and implementation of curricula, academic standards and policies;
  8. Organizing and keeping record of meetings of the University Statutory Bodies and
  9. Employees’ record and management of employees’ personal files.

 The efficient schemes of services for the wellbeing of employees and students have been possible through the dedicated, professional and disciplined Officers and Staff at this Office. This team is well equipped with the knowledge of rules, regulations, services statues, policies and practices governing at University. All the members of the team are open, welcoming and accommodative through the spirit of optimistic energies. They work with honesty and commitment to ensure organizational integrity, human dignity, and professional confidentiality.

Controller of Examination (COE) is the head of Examination Office. It guards the standards of quality in the conduct of Examination at Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate levels, while enforcing rules and regulations of Semester Examination. This office deals with the matters of students of University pertaining to conduct of Examinations, Notification of Results, Issuance of Detailed Marks Sheets, Provisional Certificates and Verification of Transcripts and Degrees.

Controller of Examinations Office is established for the conduct of examinations, result notifications and award of degree & following laid down tasks.

  • To prepare and announce the calendar of examinations.
  • Management of examinations as per requirements
  • Arrangements for external examiners MS/MPhil Programs
  • Conduct of examinations / administration of tests
  • Making arrangements of marking of answer scripts from examiners
  • Implementation of decisions of hardship case committees, unfair means committee, or discipline committee
  • Maintaining strict security level of the official work
  • Preparation of results, notifications, transcripts and degrees

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the University. It has the mandate to:

  1. Manages the assets, liabilities, receipts, expenditures, funds and investments of the University;
  2. Prepare the annual and revised budget estimates of the University and present them to the Finance and Planning Committee and the Board of Governors;
  3. Ensure that the funds of the University are expended on the purposes for which they are provided. Besides the primary responsibility of management of the university’s financial assets and liabilities, this office performs other functions like maintenance of the books of accounts and recording all the financial transactions on the financial system.
  4. Coordination with Banks for maintaining full details of money received from and disbursed to different sources.
  5. Handling the applications related to deposit of fee, late submission of fee, refund of securities, payment of fine etc.
  6. Efficient disbursements to all the beneficiaries and recording of transactions in the financial software for provision of reports for the decision making authorities.
  7. This office is also responsible for the Annual Audit of the Account, appointment of the Auditors and Annual Budget of the University and any other financial matter related to the University.

The Faculty Deans are the Chief Academic Officers of the University. They support the University’s faculty governance structure and is responsible for faculty hiring and mentoring, reappointment, promotion, and tenure of the faculty. They are also responsible for the academic curriculum of the University and managing the academic calendar through which teaching is conducted and administered at NIU. The Faculty Deans indemnify that the curriculum properly reflects the mission & vision of the University and that it is as current as possible in terms of disciplines, technology, and delivery.

University Directorates

The Student Affairs Department ensure the fulfillment of objective of enhancing students’ participation in co-curricular/extra-curricular activities and greater devolution of powers to students.   The department has been established in order to:

  • Enhance/encourage extra-curricular activities in a regular manner
  • Facilitate participation of large number of students
  • Devolve powers to student
  • Engage students in constructive pastimes of their interest
  • Streamline the selection process for office bearer
  • Coordinate issuance of Event Calendar for the Academic Year

The elected representatives of different clubs/societies are responsible for arranging and managing all the extra-curricular activities.  Clubs and Societies comprise elected students (office bearers) who coordinate and manage various extra-curricular activities in the University under the guidance of Student Affairs Department. Office bearers of the clubs/societies are involved in implementation of University instructions/policies regarding general discipline of students.  The office bearers are expected to display a high level of discipline, adherence to university rules and moral values.

The University Operations consists of dedicated professional teams providing the essential people, financial, infrastructure and corporate functions for the University. It delivers the highest quality service and strategy through collaboration.

Working together it can deliver business value that supports the University’s leadership in education and research. This office encompasses the following:

  • Facilities Management
  • Procurement Services
  • Planning & Analytics
  • Security Services

Admission Inquiries / Student Affairs

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