Salem Rehman
Vice Chancellor, NIU

Vice Chancellor’s Message

NIU is the latest addition to the NUR-FMS organizations. Like its sister entities, NIU has been at the forefront of a singular mission: To serve the public. Over the last 4 decades, NIU joins the fold of the NUR-FMS umbrella to relentlessly pursue our vision to serve the public with an impeccable track record of stewardship through Specialized Education, Applied Research, and world-class Healthcare services.

The NUR-FMS entities currently comprise of the Fatima Memorial Hospital, the Fatima Memorial Colleges of Medicine & Dentistry, Fatima Memorial Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Fatima Memorial College of Nursing, and Nur Foundation. Affiliates of the System include Khair-us-Nisa Trust Hospital, and Hijaz Hospital. In its reaffirmation to the vision, NIU is uniquely positioned to provide access to not only world class education, but also to provide an arena for applied research, and access to coveted placement opportunities at our partner institutions. These offerings are complemented by unparalleled collaboration opportunities in the NUR-FMS communities encompassing 4 campuses, over 3,000 students, over 150 faculty members, hundreds of doctors, dentists and allied health professionals in the NUR-FMS for an improved collective future together.

The combined strength of the microcosm that NIU operates in provides engagement with all of our facilities, academic organizations, and diverse student body, which ultimately produces a well rounded NIU graduate who has collaborated extensively across our offered academic disciplines for maximum breadth and impact.

Understanding health information has taken a front seat during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here at NIU, we have taken our learnings from the NUR-FMS institutions to strengthen our distinctive programs relating to Applied Sciences and Health Sciences. Our health oriented general degree programs offer refreshing opportunities to young students as they consider laying the foundation of their careers. Simultaneously, we continue to expand our in-demand professional program offerings for early stage and mid-stage professionals looking to fast-track their careers.

At NIU, you will undergo state of the art clinical trainings within the best healthcare facilities of Lahore. During your studies at NIU you will be provided regular opportunities to interact with industry leaders to understand the current market trends and how you align with these trends on completion of your studies.

Our new strategic vision has clearly earmarked resources needed to attract and retain top faculty and to generate relevant research, whilst also defining an allocation to scholarships meant for students to realize their potential without compromising their economic needs.

2021 marks the 5th anniversary of Nur International University’s operations. We have laid a strong foundation to build a future full of promise for our community, our nation and the world. The first Alumni of NIU who have recently graduated have joined leading organizations, or have applied and were accepted for further education abroad.

Please come and visit us to see for yourself all that Nur International University has to offer. I encourage you to visit our welcoming campus, to meet our current faculty and students, and to see the opportunities that NIU offers. I look forward to welcoming you on campus.

NIU is a University chartered by Government of the Punjab and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The University offers quality education of international standards in all its programs. Our programs are based on HEC approved curricula led by highly talented and qualified faculty members.

Salem Rehman