Challenge your ideas and cultivate your creativity at NIU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department of Economics, which is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, has been offering a range of specialization tracks, which will provide you with unrivaled opportunities to build your future. The mission of the Department is to provide students with an integrated education that will give them a wide breadth of knowledge and perspective. The department fulfills the mission with an interdisciplinary degree program and plays an essential role in the education of students specializing in other departments. The Department of Economics has offered BS Economics program with two options. The students can opt Bi-Major track (BS Economics and Business Management) or they can pick any one minor option among the given three options (i.e. Business/Finance/Psychology). The department has extended the fields of specializations and academic programs and has also introduced a postgraduate program, i.e. MS Economics.


Programs being offered:

  1. BS Economics & Business Management (Bi-Major)
  2. BS Economics with minor in Business / Finance / Psychology
  3. MS Economics


NIU offers the opportunity to undertake various minor courses with economics. Unlike any other typical university degree, we will take the students to the frontier of the discipline, covering recent research as well as more established material. The program includes a wide-ranging and diverse set of cutting edge topics in the field of business, finance, and psychology with an equally far-reaching set of potential application areas.


NIU’s economics graduates through rigorous training will be prepared for careers in planning and development divisions, government institutions, NGOs and research institutes, or for future study or research in graduate or professional schools in economics, public policy or management. Another unique feature is the availability of professional and practical training in an already established and well-knitted set-up in our sister concerns like NUR Student Leadership Program-NSLP, NUR Center for Research and Policy-NCRP and NUR Community Outreach Program-NCOP.