Medical Lab Technology (MLT) is a field of Healthcare delivery where a student is given high-quality training to become a health profession, commonly called Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technologist. The Medical Technologists work in medical laboratories, clinics, hospitals and research and community health centers where they perform and validate critical tests on body fluids and provide diagnosis of various diseases and disorders in human body, which help a Physician out to give proper treatment to their patients. They also work in Blood Banks where they perform cross match between the donor and the patients to provide safe transfusion services to the communities. They are the part of the team which rule out many disease outbreaks in the community with the provision of manageable measures to avoid the spread of infections. They may be counselors, educators, Healthcare workers and managers for the delivery of safe Health services to the community.

Graduates of the program may be candidates for position such as Laboratory Managers, Education Coordinators, College or University Medical Technology faculty members, Laboratory Computer Specialists, Research laboratory Technologists, Forensic Lab scientists, Product Specialists or Technical advisors for Laboratory equipment or chemicals etc. In public services of Pakistan, they are eligible for direct recruitment in the pay scale (BS-17) in clinical or managerial cadre and BS-18 in teaching cadre. Currently, over 1,000 vacancies has been announced by the Govt. of Punjab for the recruitment of Medical Lab Technologists for BS-17 in all secondary healthcare (THQs and DHQs) hospitals. Many of the MLT graduates are also working abroad in Canada, USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Middle East countries. HEC verified degree is acceptable by various recruiting agencies in the world like ASCP (USA), HCPC (UK), MOH and DHA (UAE) etc. These candidates are also eligible with high preference for Canadian and Australian immigration.

A Medical Technologist works in clinical Laboratories to collect, analyze and validate the biological specimens from human body for the diagnosis of various clinical disorders and diseases. Their critical abilities enables a Physician to provide accurate treatment to the patient and maintain their health with saving their money and time. Medical Lab technologists also work in community health laboratories where they rule out the major health related outbreaks in community and educate people for healthy environment, safe food and water, and the methods by which they can throw away the infections.

Of course, they work in a different way than the Lab Technicians while working in the same area. A lab technician is only able to operate the instruments for the collection and analysis of biological specimens, but a Medical Technologist validate these procedures by applying special Quality Assurance techniques to provide confident diagnosis to the patient. This is the reason that Government has announced a four tire service structure for these professionals in which a Lab technician is recruited in BS-12 and promoted up to BS-16 only whereas a Medical Technologist is recruited in BS-17 and promoted to BS-20 on the basis of education and experience.

Yes there are many chances for an MLT graduate to go for further education in Pakistan and abroad. They can apply for MPhil or MS in various public and private universities like MPhil in Medical Lab Sciences in University of Health Sciences Lahore, MPhil in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in University of Punjab, Lahore, MPhil in Molecular Biology in CEMB department of University of Punjab, Lahore, MPhil in Molecular Biology, Forensic Sciences and Biochemistry in University Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, and in many Private sector universities in Pakistan.

MLT program is a healthcare delivery program so students are taught about the human body, its disorders and the management. The subjects includes studies in Basic Medical Sciences like Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and Pathology, Behavioral Sciences and Pharmacology and Majors like Hematology and Blood Banking, Histotechnology and Cytology, Clinical Laboratory Management, Microbiology including Parasitology and Mycology, Chemical Pathology and Immunology, Molecular Biology and some special Major Elective courses. To meet International standard of education, they are also given the choice for some university core courses like Biostatistics, Research Methodologies, Islamiyat and Pakistan studies, Computer Sciences and some free electives.

There are four major departments which involve in teaching and training of MLT students;

  1. The general faculty for teaching university core courses and free electives.
  2. Basic Sciences department of Medical College for Basic Sciences courses.
  3. Pathology Department faculty for the Major Courses of MLT.
  4. Hospital Laboratories and Attached Clinical facilities for Clinical trainings.

For the time being, a graduate can directly apply for job after successful completion of the degree as sufficient training is provided in clinical attachments during the study. However, Government is in process to establish a council for these professionals to set the rules for licensing an MLT graduate to work.

Students can get clinical training in the attached settings of the university like Fatima Memorial Hospital and Hijaz Hospital where they avail the opportunity to work on patients in assistance of the existing staff working in these hospitals. The training is well-structured and students learn as sufficient as they require to become a good professional after completion of their degree.

The transcript you get after graduation from NIU meets the international standards of education and fulfills all pre-requisites for higher education outside the Pakistan. You can apply for almost all fully funded programs of MPhil and PhD in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. The HECs full bright scholarships can also be applied after getting this degree to catch the opportunity to study in High ranked universities in the world.

An MLT graduate has a huge diversity of Medical Sciences related disciplines to choose for higher education and professional practice outside Pakistan. They can be candidates to take admissions in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Human Genetics, Genetical Engineering, Bioinformatics and many more apart from their own subjects. As a professional, they can work in Clinical Laboratories and Hospitals as well as in Community Health Centers, Health related surveys and projects with various health providing agencies in the world like WHO, Molecular Diagnosis Laboratories and research Institutes, Forensic Crime Labs and Safe water and Food Authorities etc.

To get admission in BS (Hons) MLT, a person should have an intermediate level of education in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics whether F. Sc. Pre-Medical, F. Sc. Medical Technology, A – Levels or an equivalent qualification certified to be equal to F. Sc. Pre-Medical by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Pakistan with at least 50% un-adjusted marks.

The total duration for the degree of BS (Hons) Medical Lab Technology is four years including eight regular and at least one summer semester.

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The campus is located in the center of the city in the Model Town Society. It can easily be approached through Ferozepur Road near Kalma Chowk and easily accessible through Metro bus Model Town Station with a walking distance of 10 minutes.