As human beings, we experience and interact with our environment and other people through our senses and through thoughts, feelings, language and complex mental processes. The field of psychology enhances knowledge of behaviour, mental processes and helps us to develop a better understanding of ourselves, others, society, and the world around us.

Our psychology course focuses on developing skills in mental health. With a view to giving our students a complete experience of studying psychology, our course offers unique training in psychology. Students will have the opportunity to study about common mental health problems, their diagnosis and treatment, as well as to see these situations in a clinical context. Our aim is to develop compassionate, ethical and knowledgeable psychologists.

The BSc Psychology course provides a strong grounding in the principles of psychology and training in mental health. Our course prepares graduates for further training in the field of psychology or a related discipline. Upon completing professional training, graduates will be eligible for jobs as clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers in the field of psychology, teacher-trainers, researchers, student counsellors, guidance counsellors and lecturers, among others. The skills taught through our course such as research methods, analytical and critical thinking, evidence-based practices, ethics and insights to human behaviour can also be applied in other fields such as marketing, human resource management, and organizational psychology.

Psychology undergraduates at NUR International University (NIU) will be provided with continuous work experience and clinical exposure during their degree. The Psychology department at NIU is associated with the psychology & psychiatry department at Fatima Memorial Hospital, where students will gain supervised clinical experience. Psychology students will also visit other related departments in the hospital. Additionally, through this course students will have the chance to network, which will aid them in future employment, and to carry out research which will aid them for further study or training. The field of psychology is developing rapidly in Pakistan and abroad and new career opportunities are available.

Key Information

Department Social Sciences & Humanities
Study Level Undergraduate
Degree Length 4 Years
Attendance Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 130
Entry Fall Semester