In order to create inter-professional practice capabilities among young graduates, inter-professional education is considered as the need of the day. Thus, to achieve this objective NUR International University is offering BS in Speech and Language Pathology with minor in psychology. The combination of speech and language pathology and psychology will give our students competitive edge over other speech and Language pathology graduates, since knowledge of Speech and language pathology and psychology is necessary for treating many developmental and neurological conditions. Speech and Language Pathology and psychology are natural allies since both speech and language pathologist and psychologists work side by side in treating children with Mental retardation, Autism and for other psychological ailments.  Majority of developmental pathologies and neurological conditions that clinical Speech and language pathologist treat have accompanying psychological issues for which knowledge of psychology is an added advantage

Why study Speech and Language Pathology with minor in psychology?

The study of Speech and Language Pathology provides students with a solid understanding of communication and swallowing disorders. An undergraduate SLP degree program with minor in Psychology will give you a basic understanding of the main theoretical foundations of psychology, and introduce you to a variety of fields of psychology including abnormal, social, and cognitive psychology.behavioral issues like hyperactivity, anxiety, depression  are commonly associated in patients with communication disorders, so,   After completing a BS Degree with a major in SLP and minor in Psychology will be able the students to manage these issue independently  as psychologist and behavior therapist


Career Opportunities and scope:

As a graduate of this course, you will be able to work professionally as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a wide variety of fields, nationally and internationally, including schools, community health centers, hospitals, rehabilitation units, nursing homes, private practice and specialist disability services. You could also take on academic and research roles.

With the current shortage of speech pathologists in Pakistan, your job prospects are strong. Speech pathologists are particularly required in the fields of education, pediatrics and disability services. Graduate in speech-language pathology will be able to:

  1. Meet eligibility for international certification
  2. Meet eligibility teacher certification in speech-language pathology
  3. Be employed in a medical facility, school or private practice setting
  4. Be prepared for admission into a M.Phil-level program