Dr. Ayesha Kaneez, Senior Lecturer 

BSc. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from FMH, UHS  ,  t-DPT (MPhil) in Physiotherapy from UHS

Dr. Ayesha Kaneez is a competent Clinical lecturer at NUR International

University.  She has graduated from Fatima Memorial College of Medicine

and Dentistry, Lahore and completed t-DPT from University of Health Sciences. She is skilled at dealing with orthopedic and musculoskeletal related disorders in evidence based manner. She has had a work experience for more than 3 years and has been undertaking the training of our students successfully.

She aspires to further progress her career in this field and share her knowledge and skill with upcoming PT’s.


BSc. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from FMH, UHS.

t-DPT (MPhil) in Physiotherapy from UHS


Course Code Course title Semester Degree Level
DPTC-301 Supervised Clinical Practice -I 5th DPT-undergraduate
DPTC-302 Supervised Clinical Practice -II 6th DPT-undergraduate