Dr. Bushra Riaz, Senior Lecturer

BSc Hons. (Physiotherapy)

Dr. Bushra Riaz is determined and skilled Physiotherapist.

She has graduated from the school of Allied Health Sciences (SIAHS)

Children hospital, Lahore and completed t-DPT from University of

Health Sciences.

She has four-year experience of working Fatima Memorial Hospital

as Clinical Physical therapist and now working in NUR international

University as senior lecturer. She is teaching clinical supervised

Practice at FMH Lahore.

Degree level:

BSc. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from SIAH, UHS.

t-DPT (MPhil) in Physiotherapy from UHS


Course Code Course title Semester
DPTC-301 Supervised Clinical Practice -I 5th
DPTC-302 Supervised Clinical Practice -II 6th