Dr. Zargham Abbas, Assistant Professor

BSPT, t-DPT, Lecturer, Department of Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Zargham Abbas Currently  working as an Assistant Professor at Nur International University (NIU) in Physical Therapy Department.

Academic Qualification:

He received his Bachelor’s degree – B.SC. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from Institute of Allied Health sciences at Fatima Memorial College and hospital (FMH) recognized by university of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore. He received his t-DPT (MPhil) degree from university of health sciences (UHS).

During his Bachelors he received following distinctions and medals;

  • 1st Professional year (2010); received silver medal for distinction in the subject Anatomy & Physiology.
    2nd Professional year (2011); received 2 silver medals for distinction in the following subjects Kinesiology & Manual Muscle Testing and Human Biomechanics.
  • He has working experience of last five and half years in clinical and academics of Fatima memorial hospital FMH and three years’ experience in academics of NIU.

Degree Level:

Degree level:  B.SC. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from FMH

t-DPT (Mphil) in Physiotherapy from UHS

Course code Course Title Semester
DPTB-205 Biomechanics and ergonomics -I 3rd
DPTB-206 Biomechanics and ergonomics -II 4th
BASC-216 Exercise physiology-IV 4th
BASC-314 Community medicine and Rehabilitation 6th
Title Semester Code Level
Introduction to Computing Fall 2016 CSCS 101 Baccalaureate
Fundamentals of Economics Spring 2017 ECON 100 Baccalaureate
Research Methods Fall 2017 MCN 603 MS / MPhil
Advance Microeconomics Fall 2018 ECON 501 MS / MPhil
Fundamentals of Economics Spring 2019 ECON 100 Baccalaureate
Public Sector Economics Spring 2019 ECON 560 MS / MPhil
International Economics Fall 2019 ECON 540 MS / MPhil
Research Thesis Fall 2019 ECON 699 MS / MPhil