Ms. Maha Zaheer, Lecturer 


Dr. Maha Zaheer is Lecturer at NIU in Physiotherapy Department. She has working experience of three years in clinical and academics of Fatima memorial hospital.

She is an energetic participant of event management committee. She is also an active member of Music and Art society in Nur International University.

Research Publication
Prevalence of articulation disorders in school going children. Rabia Azmat, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan, M.Tariq Manzoor, M.Ibrahim, Sadia Tahira, Safa Pervaiz. (2014) 3(1):32-3
Prevalence of Stammering in School Going Children between Ages of 8 to 12 Years. Sadia Tahira, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan, M. Tariq Manzoor, M. Ibrahim, Rabia Azmat, Safa Pervaiz.  JRCRS. 2016; 4(1): 15-17
The attitudes of Undergraduate students regarding Inter-professional education abstract published in International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences. Safa Pervaiz, Sikander Ghayas Khan, Rabia Azmat, Sadia Tahir, Hira Jabeen Int J Rehabil Sci, 2015, 4(2): 45, Received: 11-05-2015, Revision received: 09-07-2015, Accepted for presentation: 17-09-2015
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Course Code Course Title Semester Degree Level
DPTB-205 Biomechanics and ergonomics -I 3rd DPT-undergraduate
DPTB-206 Biomechanics and ergonomics -II 4th DPT-undergraduate
BASC-216 Exercise physiology-IV 4th DPT-undergraduate
DPTB-207 Medical Physics 4th DPT-undergraduate
BAHC-200 Behavioral Sciences Summer DPT-undergraduate

She has completed her post-graduation (MS-NMPT: Master of Neuro-Muscular Physical Therapy) from Riphah International University. She did her graduation {B.SC. (HONS)} in PHYSIOTHERAPY from Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry affiliated with University of Health Sciences.

During her educational tenure she achieved UHS position and class positions:

  • 1st Professional year: awarded silver medal for securing 2nd class position in FMH.
  • 2nd Professional year: awarded with silver medal for 2nd position in UHS and silver medal for 2nd class position in FMH.
  • 3rd Professional year: awarded with silver medal for 2nd class position in FMH.
  • Done house job after graduation from Fatima Memorial Hospital Physiotherapy department under the supervision of Dr.Fariha Shah and Dr. Usman Riaz.
  • Completed residency after post-graduation from Riphah international University under the supervision of Dr. Ali-ur-Rasheed.