MS. Tayyaba Niaz, Lecturer 

Department of Physical Therapy DPT

Dr. Tayyaba Niaz is teaching fellow at NIU in Physiotherapy Department. She did her B.SC. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from the school of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) under University of health sciences (UHS). She received her t-DPT (MPhil) degree from university of health sciences (UHS).

During her academic years she score distinctions in following subjects;

Anatomy, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, behavioral sciences, Special education, biostatistics, medical informatics, evidence based practice in PT and professional physical therapy practice.


Degree level:

BSc. (HONS) in Physiotherapy from SAHS, UHS.

t-DPT (MPhil) in Physiotherapy from UHS


Course Code Course title Semester
BASC-103 Anatomy -I 1st  DPT
BASC-102 Basic Anatomy SLP 2nd  SLP
SOCL-101 Essential of Sociology 4th DP