PDMP stands for Professional Deficiency Make- up Program, A special program designed exclusively for those physical therapy candidates who eventually want to practice physical therapy in abroad.

Why PDMP is an Essential Requirement for Physical Therapy Graduates

The entry of physiotherapists abroad is now like climbing Mount Everest and a determined pursuit is required to achieve that. When physical therapists try to get a license abroad, they need to go through credential sing, where the authorities analyze your transcripts to see whether the Doctor of Physical Therapy Education you have earned is equivalent to the curriculum level taught in their universities. If you are not found up to the mark your application is deemed deficient and your dream of becoming a licensed physical therapist in abroad may be stalled indefinitely. Over years of extensive experience, we, NUR International University indeed uncovered a new pattern among the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree holders so as to pursue their dreams of working abroad as a deficient, licensed physiotherapist. We are the beginners here in Pakistan, who actually valued the dreams of our DPT degree holders to work abroad. General subjects such as History, Basic Sciences, and Philosophy are usually not taught at the undergraduate level in our country, which becomes a reason for the rejection of our application abroad. In this program general as well as professional subjects are taught to fulfill the International deficiency.

Nur International University’s Solution

Nur International University has developed an innovative, unique and comprehensive solution that will serve as a bridging program between you and the deficient subjects called PDMP (Professional Deficiency Makeup Program). It is the quickest and most effective way of jump-starting your ambitions of working abroad. PDMP is a value-added program that can be used along with your 5 years of Doctor of Physical Therapy in order to make your qualifications equivalent to abroad standards.

Each semester consists of 16 Credit hours, depending on the deficiency of the candidate. The university designed the course in such a way that the DPT degree holders can start working in abroad in the most effective and qualitative way after a short period of time.

To provide a solid foundation of knowledge in General & Professional Education. To train students to become more expressive, creative, appreciative, and innovative. To provide an educational program for the physical therapists to enhance their Physical Therapy Skills.

The Professional Deficiency Make-up Program operates under NUR International University’s vision of creating and innovating an expert community of health care professionals that will proudly serve their family, society and the other mankind, and make our country proud.

PDMP Assurance

We assure you;

  • Your education will be equivalent to that of Physical Therapy abroad.
  • You will be eligible to pass the credential evaluation in Canada, Australia and over 30 states of the U.S.
  • Your application will be done in the fastest and cheapest way possible
Faculty Applied Sciences
Department Physical Therapy
Study Level Certificate
Program Duration Minimum 1 Semester and Maximum 4 Semesters
Program Type Online/Face to Face/Evening /Weekend
Total Credit Hours 16 per Semester

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or equivalent program from HEC recognized University.


Student Category

Admission Fee (One Time Charges) Semester Tuition Fee Semester Enrollment Fund Semester Examination Fee  1st Semester Fee  2nd Semester Onwards Fee Total Semesters 
Pakistani Students 6,000 150,000 2,000 2,000 160,000 154,000 4
Overseas/International Students 40 $ 1,700 $ 30 $ 30 $ 1,800 $ 1,760 $ 4