The objectives of the Department are according to our national plans to progress the field of science and especially Biochemistry. The focus based on research areas that have a practical application in Medical, Industry, and Agriculture. The Department looks forward to set-up academic collaborations with other institutes and organizations for research projects.



Biochemistry is the field of advance research in chemical reactions teaming life all over the globe. Advancement in research makes biochemistry a piece of necessary equipment for all fields of life sciences for the comprehensive understanding of living processes whether in animals, plants or microbes. Biochemistry helps us to decode the hidden information in the DNA of every organism to formulate all the reactions occurring in them. Therefore, it is also known as the science of life.

Biochemistry is the admitting Department for four-year BS and two-year MPhil degree in Biochemistry. The Department is equipped with competent and highly qualified faculty having PhD, MBBS and MPhil degrees through the diverse background of reputable national and international institutes. A research-oriented faculty, Digital library facilities, advance research labs with well-designed building make this department an ideal place to plan your future in the field of biochemistry. Students of graduation and post-graduation are trained through comprehensive courses with advance skills of research and teaching techniques for their promising bright future. So that they can serve the nation in a better way and compete with international standards.

Degree Program