Department of Clinical Nutrition is one of the leading department focusing on discovery to delivery with a well-rounded curriculum in nutrition along with access to well-known, highly qualified faculty and exciting experiential learning opportunities. The Department of Clinical Nutrition had initiated Bachelors of Nutritional Sciences program in 2015, post graduate program in 2017 and Post Graduate Diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics along with postgraduate nutritional trainings in 2019 at NUR International University. Overall the department designed the program to sharpen the scientific, technical skills and research based knowledge in the field of nutrition along with critical thinking and professional community skills.

The department of Clinical Nutrition is affiliated with various Hospitals where students develop skills in Nutritional sciences to get hands on practice by dealing indoor and our door patients. In addition, students opting for community nutrition can engage in internship opportunities with the in-house NUR Center for Research and Policy and gain exposure on various international and national funded community-based projects. The aim of the Department is to promote an academically and culturally diverse educational and research environment by providing high-quality nutrition education and communication skills to prepare future professional nutritionists to become leaders in the field, promoting healthy food, nutrition and dietetics practices at the National and International level.

Degree Programs