The Department of Economics at NUR International University (NIU) offers undergraduate (with three unique specializations) and graduate programs (MS Economics with thesis, equivalent to eighteen years of education) in Economics. MS Economics program is designed particularly for those students who are interested in acquiring Masters level degree on weekend. We have highly qualified faculty and we provide variety of opportunities to align with other public and private institutions to our students during their course of studies. Our focus is to provide students with market-driven knowledge with the most updated skills in the field of Economics.  Students in both programs take a set of core courses in Mathematical methods, Econometrics, and Micro and Macro theory in addition to the applied areas of Labor Economics, Public Economics, Financial Economics, Psychology, Business Economics and Econometrics. Our graduates obtain academic appointments in educational institutes and research organizations, while others hold quality positions in the public or private sector. Join us to explore and become a part of the future of Economics.

The department, in addition, plays an essential role in imparting education in students specializing in other departments through offering of minor in economics. The department continues to meet challenges by updating and revising its curricula and introducing new programs, including BS Business Economics; BS Economics with minor in Finance/Psychology/Business; and MS Economics (Weekend).

We invite the interested candidates to come and meet our competent faculty and students in the department. You will be happy that you have made a right choice to study in a program that gives you the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss issues that are of great importance not just in Pakistan, but to the rest of the world as well.

Degree Programs